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As a dynamic strategies group we are committed to detailed attention of each business profile owned and operated by us  for insight, prospecting, and growth. Founded in Pembroke Pines, FL our calling first and foremost is to be restaurant people. 

Each establishment specializes and is unique to its own cuisine. The concentration of our locations varies by American, European, and Mexican cuisine. We  uphold high standards of professionalism and always strive for excellence.

Executive & Management Team

Wolverine Management is made up of experienced & innovative Food and Beverage team members.






Mathew Baum

Mathew is the Founder and President of Wolverine Management. Mathew has extensive hands on experience in the restaurant industry as he personally owned and operated over a dozen restaurants, bars and breweries. In addition to the industry knowledge, Mathew has always had an affinity for and excelled at business development and cost management, which he applies daily to the operations of Wolverine Management.








Matt Faul

Matt serves as our Chief Operating Officer, and has been involved with Restaurants and Bars from an operational standpoint for over 15 years. Matt has experience operating extremely high grossing/volume establishments that serve over 5,000 patrons per day, to conversely, extremely intimate and high-end establishments, that only hold 50 patrons, focusing on high check averages.  Brand experience is something that Matt studies, formulates, and implements within our concepts to differentiate ourselves as a Management company.

In addition to Mathew and Matt, we have several other key employees:


Angela Baggett - Chief Finance Officer


Jenna Baum, Esq. - Vice President & In House Counsel


Alexis Martnelli - Director of Marketing


Ashley Awiszus - Cost & Labor Analyst

Dianne Garzarelli - Bookkeeper

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